Meet the musicians: Adam Spiegl

Today in our meet the musicians series we introduce you to the very talented Adam Spiegl.

He's a popular guy so we have to book him in early, but we love having him on board not only because he's a great player, but because he's a true gentleman too.

First things first, who are you and what do you do?

I'm Adam Spiegl, I'm a freelance double and electric bass player. I've been doing this for over ten years, I've never had what most people would call a "real" job.

Adam Spiegl

Where did your musical journey begin?

In high school I took up drum lessons but wasn't allowed a drum kit at home because we lived in a flat. So I switched to guitar and the rest, as they say, is history. I started at NMIT straight out of school where I completed an Advanced Diploma on bass, then went to the VCA where I completed my Bachelor, and returned there a few years later to complete my Honours year.

Typical day?

Practice! Plus preparation for gigs, learning songs, all that sort of stuff. Gigs, rehearsals, recordings, teaching, driving my bass around Melbourne, it's pretty varied.

Adam Spiegl

Instruments played?

Double and electric bass are my main instruments, I play a little bit of guitar and piano but not in public.

Favourite bit about being a musician?

The trillions of dollars I don't earn each year. Seriously though, it's just something I love doing. I like the flexibility and the creativity, and every gig is always different. Plus all the great people I get to play and hang out with.

Least favourite bit?

I can't think of anything I really dislike, perhaps that there aren't more gigs. I'd love to be playing all the time.

Musical projects?

My own trio, the creatively named Adam Spiegl trio, with pianist Nathan Liow and drummer Justin Olsson. I'm currently working on material for our first recording, which I'm hoping to release later this year.

Also LAA, with Louise Goh on piano and Adam Coad on drums. We released our debut album Crossing Ahead in 2013.

I also play in plenty of other peoples projects, including the Jack Pantazis Group, NLT and Tierra.

Adam Spiegl is a double and electric bass player, composer and educator based in Melbourne, Australia. He plays regularly in the Bright Young Band, Apple Ida and Blue Nile, as well as many other jazz, pop and contemporary groups around Melbourne.