Meet the musicians: Nathan Liow

Today in our meet the musicians series we'd like to introduce you to pianist Nathan Liow.

Nathan's musical CV is pretty impressive, he manages to fit a lot of original music projects into his schedule of function gigs and teaching. He's a great example of how the corporate and wedding work we offer musicians supports them in their own creative careers, contributing to the development of new Australian music.

First things first, who are you?

I am Nathan Liow, I'm a composer, producer, educator and musician.

Nathan Liow

Where did your musical journey begin?

My professional musical journey began playing keyboard with my first band, The Incredible Dead Goons. We toured Australia and performed hundreds of shows over about 7 years, playing with some of the staples of Aussie rock like Spiderbait, Magic Dirt, Area 7... During those years I began producing and won a couple of remix awards which took me down the music production path.

Typical day?

Composing or producing original music, for film, TVC or for my own projects, and for various other media projects requiring music. If the occasion calls, I spend time arranging and leading rehearsals for upcoming performances with an array of bands I'm involved in. I also have a pretty healthy teaching practice too.

Instruments played?

Piano is my primary instrument, however lately I've dusted off the saxophone and made some appearances on that too.

Nathan Liow

Best and worst things about being a musician?

My life lacks the routine that I would get with a 9 to 5 job, which makes keeping abreast of everything just a little more chaotic than I would like. But the best things far outweigh the worst. Musical careers take amazing twists and turns and life is pretty exciting. I've gigged in NYC, Shanghai and Canada, and coming up I'll be doing a series of shows in Japan. Seeing my music on the big screen, meeting and working with intimidatingly talented people day in and day out, and creating exciting things that really mean something to me personally, they're all good things!

Nathan Liow

Musical projects?

Last year I released an EP with Brooklyn based artist Angus Tarnawsky which involved lots of piano, Skype and long distance calls all performed live over the internet. The project was called Artifacts and we performed a number of shows in Melbourne as a part of Next Wave Festival.

I work regulary with Melbourne folk/jazz singer Nicola Watson on a series of shows at the Paris Cat Jazz Club, and Kathy Hinch, a killer R&B singer. I also play in various original jazz projects including my trio NLT, Adam Spiegl Trio and Edel Plastik.

Nathan Liow is a pianist, composer, producer and educator based in Melbourne, Australia. He plays regularly in all our bands, including contributing some very authentic 1920s stride piano to Apple Ida's Cider Press Band.